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Welcome To CashBank-PTC.com!

Members earn money many different ways by completing simple tasks provided by our sponsors. We strive to connect advertisers with potential customers. This way both parties benefit from our services. We are an innovative paid-to-click site that strives to be different by providing our members with a problem-free environment which ensures you the best performance.

  • Viewing Relevant Ads
  • Joining Programs For FREE
  • Referring Your Friends
  • Simply Checking Your Email
  • Your Downline's Activities
  • Upgrade Opportunities

Simply choose an advertisement pack (see prices) and members view your advertisement for the certain time you specify. The advertisements viewed by non-registered members are free. Our affordable prices combined with our managed campaign and anti-cheat system makes sure that you get what you pay for. We care about our advertisers, setting us apart from all others.

  • Affordable Ad Rates
  • 9+ Ways To Advertise
  • 24 Hours Unique Hits
  • Free Live Stats
  • GEO-Targeting
  • Advanced Anti-Cheat System

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

SITE DISCLOSURE: CashBank-PTC.com does not require you to make purchases, become Upgraded or recruit anyone (get referrals) in order to earn at CashBank-PTC.com. We are not a get-rich-quick, MLM, matrix or pyramid scheme. Please read terms before joining or using CashBank-PTC.com. By joining and clicking at CashBank-PTC.com you agree to our terms and agree to our payout system. We are an internet advertising program in which you receive payment solely on the work you perform.

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